“Thank you for a fabulous lesson and for re-affirming many important things that I seemed to have temporarily forgotten! I’m really enjoying this approach to bringing out the music, sound and technique that’s always been there. It’s great to work with somebody who is all about the music but who know’s it’s not always about the music.”
- Tom Dempsey

“Learn from the past, prepare for the future, perform in the present.”

A fresh approach to the music of the drums.

I am dedicated to exploring, performing and teaching the music of drums and percussion.

A lifetime of studying, playing, travelling and experiencing life’s associated trials and tribulations inspires, informs and challenges my thinking, my lessons and my students daily.

Remote study ZOOM lessons now available! Email Allan for details.

I teach just one student a day, schedule permitting, allowing me to focus fully on that individual’s needs and objectives. I’ll typically meet with a student on a monthly basis, usually for 10 - 12 lessons, developing a relaxed, flowing and both aesthetically and musically relevant technique that serves in any genre.

My own teaching aims, informed by my studies with some of the great teachers around the world, combined with 40 years of professional performance, are simply to encourage the development of the ‘experience’ of a relaxed and flowing musical technique, developing learning tools and self confidence, to empower individuals to become eternal students if you will. To get in touch with our own music of the drums, trusting in individual instinct, ability and humility - to get out of our own way - in order to move forward.

I believe these are the most important attributes we can nurture in our quest to become better musicians and, consequently, better people.

Timings, Fees and Location

You’ll need to allow 60-90 minutes for your lesson.

Everything that you need in terms of equipment is here, but feel free to bring your own stick bag, cymbals or any other piece of equipment that is causing you concern.

If you are interested in and committed to continuing your development I look forward to hearing from you.

Remote study using ZOOM now also available!

For availability, fee information or any other enquiry email Allan now.

Allan's approach to music and drums has helped me to take my playing to another level. Jim Blackley's timeless material and Allan's clear, patient and focused teaching has led to some wonderful results and I am grateful for his continued guidance and inspiration.

Nick Anderson

April 2016

Allan has a great way of encouraging a musical approach to the drums by emphasising concentration, patience and control. These make studying very refreshing and inspiring as the full potential of ideas naturally emerges. You're not just in the presence of a great drummer, but a wise musician!

Liam Burgoyne

November 2017

I have studied with Allan over the course of the past two years. I can honestly say that it has been a life changing experience in terms of how I make music on the drums. Allan’s approach is clear, considered and always works within musical form. Building on his study with the legendary Jim Blackley, Allan has expanded this material so it has benefits for any serious musician in any style of music. I can’t recommend Allan highly enough.

Ian Poole

May 2019

Allan combines great technical expertise with a huge musical knowledge which makes every lesson both encouraging and stimulating. There is no “set way” but his teaching embodies an appreciation of each individual’s needs wrapped up in words of wisdom and inspiration.

Richard Dray

May 2019

There are only a handful of world-class drum teachers in the UK and Allan is pre-eminent amongst them. From the first moment I started lessons with Allan it was a huge relief and a joy to throw away the concept of ‘drumnastics’ (Allan’s word) and step away from my own illusions of success and failure; my own construction of what is a ‘good’ drummer. Allan enabled me to move to a quieter place, an open and egoless space. From this place we developed a positive and relaxed sense of flow between myself and the drum set.
Without a hint of selfishness, Allan is both willing and capable of generously sharing his enormous depth of knowledge and understanding of drum technique. The benefits of studying with Allan are instant and all encompassing.